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25.Februar 2011

25.Februar 2011

New 1250 l Climatic Test Chamber with a Temperature Change Rate of 10K/min
Our new CTS Climatic Stress Screening Chamber CTS -70/1250-10 provides temperature change rates of 10K/min with a test space capacity of 1250 literes.
15.Mai 2009

15.Mai 2009

New Vibration System with Climate Chamber
With the new Vibrator V26 from Company Dataphysics and the Vibration Climate Chamber CTS CV 70/670 we have now extented capacity for combined Vibration/Climate Tests.
07.Dezember 2008

Second big shaker: acceptance tests passed successfully
Alongside the existing system, we now have a second big system with 105 kN. It is specially designed for tests with a high and very high load level. The acceptance tests for the liquid´-cooled shaker LDS V9 took place in the 7th calendar week. The impressive performance data, 3-inch displacement, 3m/s speed and 150g top acceleration Sinus, were verified without any problem.. The vibration testing system is designed for vertical and slip tables. The system can be coupled with a height-adjustable 2200-litre climatic exposure test cabinet in both types of operation.

Image correlation measuring systems for the measurement of vibration.
Within the framework of a diploma thesis which was written within our company, the possibilities for use of an optical measuring system for industrial vibration measurement were tested. The three-dimensional and digitally measuring image correlation measuring system from Dantec Dynamics is used for whole-area and non-contact determination of the co-ordinates of the surface of an object. From the photos of various component statuses, displacement of the surface can be determined from which the expansion of the components can be calculated. The experiments which were carried out showed that the own frequencies, amplitudes and expansions can be measured by means of the image correlation measuring system. The comparison of the measuring results with calculations and conventional measuring means such as acceleration sensors and expansion measuring strips have confirmed the measuring results.

Capacity for climatic tests
Our two new CTS climatic testing cabinets C-40/350 create further capacity for climatic tests in accordance with DIN EN 60060-2-30, -2-38 and -2-78.

Temperature modification speeds up to 15K/min.
Our new Vötsch climatic exposure test cabinet VCS 7027-15 generates temperature modification speeds of up to 15K/min and has an option for the thawing test in accordance with BMW GS95011-4. It is possible to couple the climatic exposure test cabinet with our RMS shaker SW 1500. With this, we have the possibility for a combined vibration / climatic test with extremely quick temperature changes to components and smaller assemblies.

Re-accreditation and extension of the accreditation range
After completion of the three-day appraisal of the testing laboratory by experts from DAP, re-accreditation took place for a further 5 years. At the same time, the accreditation range was extended to measurment of the electrical volumes direct/alternating current, direct/alternating current flow and resistance. Flexible accreditation was stated for this area.

Further corrosion testing chambers in operation
With the second new Weiss SC450 corrosion testing chamber, we have created greater testing capacity in this area.

Further temperature shock cabinets in operation
With the new temperature shock cabinets CTS TSS -70/32 and TSS -70/130 we now have a total of 5 systems fort he tests in accordance with DIN EN 60068-2-14Na (quick temperature change).

Walk-in climatic chamber in operation
Our new climatic chamber CTS – 60/12 with a testing room size of 12 cubic metres has been in operation since August 2004. With this testing system, we have closed the gap between our testing cabinets of up to 2 cubic metres and our navigable climatic chamber with 40 cubic metres.

Further corrosion testing chambers in operation
With the new Weiss SC450 corrosion testing chamber, we have doubled the testing capacity in this area. The testing chamber has ist own regulated dampening facility. This means that cyclical salt check tests (e.g. IEC 68-2-52) with dampening phase can be carried out automatically.

Move ruled out
Since the middle July we have taken up full operation in our new business premises. In the period from February to July, a total of 6 vibration testing systems and 16 climatic testing chambers were moved from Kirchheim/Nabern to Bissingen/Teck. Two new 177-litre climatic exposure test cabinet for coupling to the vibration testing system have been delivered punctually by CTS and taken into operation.

Starting operation of the new climatic chambers
The new CTS climatic chamber with 39m³ , which can be entered by a car, has been put into operation in the laboratory hall in Bissingen. Tests can now be carried out on complete vehicle structures within a temperature range of -70ºC to +140ºC. Damp climates are possible up to +90°C and 98 % rel. humidity.

New building completed in Bissingen/Teck
After a construction period of only 6 months, the key was officially handed over on 4th November through our general contractor, Mörk Bau from Leonberg during a celebration
There will be 900 m² laboratory area and 400 m² office area in the new building.

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