Dust, Water

In the field of ingress protection tests we offer tests for different IP protection codes and other tests. With a new IP test chamber and a new splash water chamber (1000 l, 2 jets) we are prepared for the future.

Range of services:

  • Dust test chamber (Test dust: Arizona dust A2 fine according to ISO12103-1)
  • Test bench for splash water and high pressure steam jet
  • Test bench for high velocity water
  • Test bench for water drips
  • Submersion tank
  • Splash water chamber (2 splash jets, 1000 l, up to +140°C)
test benches


  • Dust test (IP5kx and IP6kx)
  • Ingress protection against foreign objects (IP1x to IP4x)
  • Water drips (IPx1 and IPx2)
  • Splash water (IPx3, IPx4 and IPx4k)
  • (strong) High velocity water (IPx5, IPx6 and IPx6k)
  • Submersion (IPx7 and IPx8)
  • High-pressure/steam jet cleaning (IPx9k)
  • Thermal shock with splash water
  • Thermal shock submersion

Typical standards:

  • ISO 20653 Road vehicles – degrees of protection
  • IEC 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP-Code)
  • ISO 16750-4: 5.4, 5.10
  • LV124 (VW 80000; MBN LV124; GS95024-3-1); M-03, K-10, K-11, K12 and K13
  • Other automotive standards; for example: GMW_3172 (GM); CETP00.00E412 (Ford); Renault 36-00-802; CS.00056 (Fiat-Chrysler); M3499 (MAN)

Send us your request and we will submit our offer with pleasure.