1703, 2021

Neue Schwallwasserkammer – Aktuell

Our new splash water chamber has been in operation since November 2020. With this chamber, we have 1000 l test chamber volume and 2 jets at out dispoasal.

502, 2021

Neue Salznebelkammer – Aktuell

Now we have the new corrosion test chamber SC/UKWT 1000 by Weisstechnik with 1000 l test chamber volume for the following tests: salt spray test, e.g. ISO 9227, IEC 60068-2-11, cyclic corrosion tests, accelerated with dry and wet conditions (CCT), e.g. IEC 60068-2-52 and [...]

3001, 2021

Aktuelle Corona-Situation – Aktuell

Due to the current ongoing Corona Pandemic we are trying to reduce contacts with third parties within the test laboratory as well as their length of stay to a minimum. Should it nevertheless be necessary for third parties to enter our buildings, e.g. [...]

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